Friday, October 30, 2009

A Century of Fashion

Skartshop, an excellent etsy shop of modern and eco friendly nursery art and wall decor for kids, has created this awesome treasury in which one of our vintage eyewear pieces is featured. Check it out! Expires on Sunday at 9AM.

Vintage Black Friday: EclectiaVintage's Black Jackie O Dress and BibbysRocket Shoe Sale

I saw this dress at EclectiaVintage. It's so Jackie O and classic and black! Don't you love it?

Check out my shop for a fantastic shoe sale -- all shoes are $14 to $25 in celebration of my upcoming 6-month etsyversary.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Vintage Black Friday Event

Here's my first official vintage Black Friday post -- there's nothing that can turn a wardrobe around like a simple statement in black.

Vintage Black Watch: QualityVintage.Etsy.Com

On Blogging and Being Blogged On

Longevity in a blog is not so common -- it takes perseverance, an ongoing internet connection, and the will to share on a regular basis despite those ups and downs we all experience. has been blogging since October 2006 and for this we congratulate her!

Our gratitude to being featured in 's Black Friday post at her blog: -- for the newest basic black listing at Black 50s men's frames. GypsyBrocante's shop features awesome jewelry handmade from vinatge findings. Such a great gift idea!

and to for featuring those gorgeous Olaf Daughter clogs on her comfy Sensible Sunday shoes post a couple of weeks back.

*a coffee mug is... the perfect blogging accessory

Friday, October 16, 2009

Eyeglasses, Fashion Functional

Forget fashion forward, rearward, or other (less kindly) fashion denominations. Eyeglasses are the necessary 'cessory, so we might as well have fun with them. If you're a shy or retiring person who (gasp!)  nonetheless has specific tastes -- don't let opticians or glass boutique owners sway you from what it is you know you want-- you'll end up with unresolved glasses fantasies (which you will be utterly forced to resolve in your later years). Possibly worse -- you will be living someone else's vision of and on your own face. (No pun...)

There are sooo many great shapes, styles, colors, and materials out there, especially in vintage frames. Whet your appetite on some of these and you may find yourself 'neeeeeeeding' more than several pair! Luckily they are easy to care for, and while they may disappear from your own view, you won't disappear from others' with a striking decided upon pair of frames on your face.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Practical Shoes

Yes, as fall digs in and winter approaches, we turn our thoughts to sloshing in the snow and all things cold and mushy, and protecting our footies from such-like discomfort and nonsense. As difficult as it may be to stop ogling vintage pumps of every stripe, we believe it is more difficult to wear them in said circumstances. Leave a pair at the office, we say, but skid not into oblivion.

So, here is a little homage to practical shoes, those dignified, cozy, treaded things that we may take for granted now and again.