Saturday, September 19, 2009

Vintage Autumn

We here in bibby's rocketship are thinking about autumn, or fall, and seasons, in general. We seem to have experienced a flattening of seasons, like they are all blurring into maybe, say, I don't know -- TWO? One being Winter (begins on November 26th, ends on March 31), and the second being a Spring-like Autumn (the rest of the time).

All this got us here at bibbysrocket remembering a book, incorrectly, at first as "What season are you?" and incorrectly as published in the late 70s. It was actually Carole Jackson's "Color Me Beautiful," first published in 1980, though we can't seem to locate a picture of that first edition. The great thing about this book is that the author has determined we all have a suitable wardrobe color palette, based on our hair and skin tone. There are four basic color palettes, one for each season, mine being: Fall.

Lauded by Vogue as "the single most important factor in selecting flattering makeup and extensive details of the palettes for each season," we have to admit it's a  neat trick for its simplicity and ur-like appeal. 

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